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Gradebook help

Page history last edited by Brooke Capron 10 years, 9 months ago

Here is the website to work on your grades at home.


Pinnacle Gradebook Users

Thank you for being patient in this time of change.

Here is an update.

1. The Pinnacle Gradebook System is operational.

2. Teachers can enter grades and attendance.

3. The technology department has created a process to load the new Pinnacle Web icon (gradebook) on your computers.

4. Delete the current icon.

5. You will need to turn off your computers and turn them back on. Make sure you log in to Novell. You should see the new icon created on your desktop.

6. Here is the link to use at home: https://fsps.grade.pinnaclesuite.com/pinnacle

7. Login Procedures

ID:  This is still the same as before, it is your teacher id number

Password: This has been reset. Please leave blank on your first login. It should prompt you to create a new password.

8. Gradebook has some incompatibility with the new Internet Explorer 8. If you are experiencing this incompatibility there is a fix. To the right of the address bar, is an icon that reads “compatibility mode”. If you will select this, the problem will be resolved.


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