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Powerful Words

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POWERFUL WORDS  (To the tune of “We Will Rock You”)


Powerful words (stomp stomp clap)

Powerful words (stomp stomp clap)


These are the words, they give you ammunition,

We don’t know JUST the words, we know the definition.


(stomp stomp clap X 2)

We will, we will :


GROUP 1            GROUP 2  (optional)


Trace:             that means to list the steps


Analyze:            tear it down, break apart


Infer:               you must read between the lines


Evaluate:            you must check what you do


Formulate:                 just build and create


Describe:                    tell us all about it


These are the words, they give you ammunition,

We don’t know JUST the words, we know the definition


(stomp stomp clap X 2)

We will, we will :


Support:            back it up with details


Explain:             tell us how you did it


Summarize:    try to keep it short


Predict:            what will happen next?


Compare:            tell us what’s the same


Contrast:            how are they different?


Powerful words (stomp stomp clap)

Powerful words (stomp stomp clap)

(Created by Elem. Music Teachers, Ft. Smith, Arkansas)


(tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air)


Now this is a story all about how

My test scores went up instead of down

Just take a minute and sit right there

I’ll tell you how I got the best scores let me share.


In Fort Smith, Arkansas born and raised

In the classroom is where I spent most of my days

I traced the steps, analyzing the parts

Becoming a great student had a place in my heart.


I learned to infer, or read between the lines

Predicting the outcome is what made me shine

Look at your options, compare or contrast

Are they alike or different; know the questions to ask.


To choose and judge is to evaluate

To make a plan is to formulate

Describe what you found, tell all about it

Support it with facts so no one will doubt it.


I’ve summarized, gave you the bottom line

Now explain it back to me, and you’ll be fine.


(Created by Elem. Music Teachers, Ft. Smith, AR)



Powerful Words (Country style)


Part 1 (tune of Gilligan’s Island)

If you ask up to trace, we outline stuff

We list ideas in steps.

Then break it down and analyze

Which gives some extra pep!


Then to infer me make a guess

We read between the lines

Evaluate and check it out,

You judge it to be fine.

(You judge it to be fine.)


Part 2 (tune of the Beverly Hillbillies)

Cone and formulate with me, I’ll create and idea (ID)

I’ll describe you a trout, then I’ll tell you all about

If support is the word, then detail is the game

If you want me to tell how, then you’ll ask me to explain.

(spoken)  Words that is…POWER WORDS.


Part 3 (tune of Green Acres)

When you predict what is happening next,

Sunnarize is give the shortened text,

If you contrast look for different thangs (things),

When you compare your lookin’ for all the same.


(Created by Elementary Music Teachers, Ft. Smith, Arkansas)


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